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We’re Going To Be Having….

For months Erin kept on saying that she doesn’t want to know the sex of the baby. Her reasoning is that there’s not too many surprises left in this life, and there’s something special about not finding out until the baby is born. I on the other hand always stated that I didn’t want to know for the first, but any subsequent pregnancies I would like to know the sex of the baby. Erin held on to not wanting to know, up until the day of our last ultrasound. When we were in the waiting room she seemed to have a change of heart and decided she wanted to know. We weren’t having the best experience (due to a late to arrive technician) and that final straw changed Erin’s mind.  The technician told us that with 85% certainty (probably to cover their asses) that we were having a girl! Sure enough, the ultrasound showed the famous hamburger. So Nicolas is going to be having a little sister!


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